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2020 Schedule

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Jan 1st - New Year's Party  SOLD OUT

Feb 14th - V-Day Special SOLD OUT

March 27All-Male Party

April 24All-Female Play Party

May 22 - Embrace Level 1

June 26 - Embrace Your Kink

July 24 - Queer Play Party

August 28Embrace Level 1

September 25Embrace Level 2

October 30Halloween Party

November 27 - Embrace Level 1

December 31  - New Years Party


December 21st - New York

December 13th - Denver, CO - SOLD OUT

November 1st - Denver, CO - SOLD OUT

August 17th - Denver, CO - SOLD OUT

July 5th - Bay Area, CA

June 22nd - Phoenix, AZ - SOLD OUT

May 11th   - Lakewood, CO - SOLD OUT

March 2nd - Denver, CO - SOLD OUT

Feb 2nd - Denver, CO - SOLD OUT


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Apollo Love (Founder)


Apollo is the Founder of Embrace and Dragonfly Festival. He has facilitated 100's of workshops for almost 100,000 people so far. He's also been seen by over 15 million on several TV shows.  His personal training includes The Hoffman Process, The Human Awareness Institute, Source Tantra, Ritual Tantra, & The Love Coach Academy. Apollo is a 3-time TEDx speaker who has also been featured on MTV, ABC, PBS, & NPR.

Soriya Case

Soriya is an honest, compassionate, loving, nurturing, nonjudgmental, and grateful woman who tries to live each day to the fullest. Although she has a Master’s degree in Social Work she decided in June 2015 that she wanted to center her work around touch therapy, as she knows personally, the joy, transformation, and relief that touch can bring to those who are open to it. Her primary love language is through physical touch, whether it is giving or receiving. She believes that touch is essential to have in our every day lives in order for us to thrive. She also believes that all people need some type of affection, no matter what walk of life they are from. Touch can be very powerful, healing, and magical. Soriya is a Certified Tantra Educator through Source Tantra, a Certified Professional Cuddler through Cuddlist and has a background in some reiki training. She is a dedicated lifelong learner and continues to deepen her studies around human sexuality. Aside from offering therapeutic touch, she also offers private Kink/Fetish sessions and is passionate about healing through kink and releasing sexual shame/trauma. Prior to the work that she does now, she worked as a medical social worker. She worked with patients with cancer, HIV/AIDS, and hospice. She has also worked with several populations that include: foster care, homelessness, substance abuse, mental health, LGBTQ, pregnant and parenting teens, at risk-youth, high school dropouts, survivors of sexual assault and older adults in long term care. Soriya enjoys connecting with like-minded individuals and inspiring others to be their best self. During her free time she enjoys the outdoors, travel, staying active and having new experiences, spending quality time with loved ones, participating in transformational festivals and workshops, and volunteering with older adults.

Michael Author

Michael Author is a Transformational Sorcerer and Masculine Empowerment Coach who specializes in catalyzing those who are experiencing a time of rapid transition to focus their will and achieve extraordinary results. He also advises service-oriented entrepreneurs who wish to crystallize their messaging and business strategies. He has degrees in Philosophy and Creative Writing, and has used his diverse life experience to inform his work as a coach and emerging thought leader.

Emily Orum


Emily Orum is a pioneer and expert of evolutionary relating, intimacy, love, and personal empowerment. She is a Sex Positive LGBTQIA Advocate that embraces a world of radical acceptance, inclusion, harmony, belonging and celebration within each other’s differences. She aims to empower each individual to design and create their own unique love style to get the relationship(s), sex, and intimacy they want. Her Heart Ninja tool belt is extensive embodying the tools of emotional and somatic intelligence, codependence recovery, and over 15 years of therapeutic practices. She has achieved numerous certifications, and a range of skills and gifts as a Bodyworker, Sound Healer, Singer and Visionary Craniosacral Practitioner. She is the co-founder of the Love Coach Academy where she mentors other coaches.
Emily is passionate about coaching her clients to embrace all aspects of their humanness and to integrate it into their divine nature! She is known for her uplifting and inspirational coaching style of honesty, vulnerability, authenticity, and joyfulness! Emily Orum flies free to lead others to the light of healing and transformation so they can shine in their liberated truth and love as they were destined to.

Michael Author and Emily Orum are the founders of www.OpenLoveStyle.com

Katrina "Raingsong" Messenger

Katrina is the founder of The Good Love Project and your friendly, neighborhood "Sex Geek".

She has spent over half her life studying sacred sexuality practices, intimacy, women's health, pleasure, and communication skills. She has taught workshops on these topics and more for nearly a decade and on three different continents! Her knowledge comes from traditional academia as well as lived experiences ranging from natural healing to birth work to adult entertainment. She has worked with and co-facilitated with several of America's top sex and intimacy educators. Katrina is a trained Life Coach and her writings on sex and body positivity have been published on Bustle and YourTango.com

Full of personal stories and humor, Katrina teaches in a conversational manner that is upbeat, entertaining and empowering. She is also a mother, yoga teacher, and performance artist. In 2013, Katrina released her first book R.A.W. Nude Yoga: Celebrating the Human Body Temple.



Genevieve (Founder of Essential Reclamation)

Genevieve Rudolph is an Erotic Embodiment Coach and Speaker who has delved into the Erotic Arts for the past 15 years. She plays full out in all areas of Spirit - she is a Certified Erotic Blueprint™ Coach, Former Professional Dominatrix, Medium, and Sexual Shaman. Through her one-on-one coaching and NYC-based workshops, Genevieve guides you in freeing your sexual shame and conditioning so that you can show up FULLY and truly have it all: financial prosperity, liberated sex, and surrendered spirituality.