A Global Sacred Sexuality Movement

EMBRACE is a full-on conscious play party where all aspects of our sexuality are welcomed and embraced with mindfulness, curiosity, and exploration.

If you have been nervous about experiencing a play party and it may seem too edgy, this is the perfect introduction event. Embrace is a facilitated experience providing you a sensual environment to unapologetically explore your desires.


EMBRACE is Colorado's original and longest-running tantra play party whose reputation speaks for itself. We take consent very seriously and create a safe container, especially for female-identified individuals. We don't tolerate any aggressive behavior and gender-balance our events as best as possible.


If a club is too overwhelmingly big, and somebody's living room is too small for your liking, Embrace is the perfect middle ground with a medium-sized crowd in a professional setting in Denver, Colorado. Embrace has also been brought to cities all around the country and our team is currently expanding.

Let's come together as a community of open-minded sexual beings who understand the creative forces that sexuality can activate in other aspects of our lives.

This event combines both and allows space for all of you.

All identities and sexual explorations are welcomed.
Let's remove the shame from our sexuality.
Let's lean into curiosity.

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We will begin with a guided meditation, followed by connection activities.

We will set all the ground rules around consent. This is a zero-pressure event.

Some will come just to watch. Others will come to participate.

Your yes and your no will be fully honored and respected.

Your emotional safety will be our top priority.

There will be a no-play zone, where conversation, cuddles and massages are all welcomed, but no sexual activity. This is a safe space to get grounded.

And there will be a separate section where nudity and full-on sexuality are welcomed, embraced, and celebrated.

Let's get together and...

EMBRACE our pleasure.

EMBRACE our joy.

EMBRACE our sexuality.

We look forward to playing with you.


Apollo is a the founder of Embrace, Cuddle & Dance, and the Colorado Tantra Festival. He's been featured on MTV's True Life, ABC's Glass House, FOX, PBS, & NPR. Apollo has facilitated for over a 100,000 people and is an Amazon # 1 Best-Selling author. He also broke a Guinness World Record and spoke on the TEDx stage 3 times.


His workshop trainings include: The Hoffman Process, Human Awareness Institute Levels 1-3, Source Tantra, Ritual Tantra, The Good Love Project, BM's Anahasana Village, Tribal Tantra, The Austin Tantra Festival, and more.

EMBRACE: Because pleasure is our birthright